harry freaking potter

images1.jpg I just finished. It was not easy. I’m in rehearsal and at work and don’t always get a seat on the subway. At home, I love my husband, but he talks to me while I write and read, so I’ve had like 3-page sitdown periods, or I’m in this world, picturing these insane showdowns, but my husband is right next to me talking about what happened to the Knicks that day.

I just want to thank all my friends who have been supportive through this journey. (Ha ha.) The book was not easy to carry on my commute and I think my left hand will have to recover from holding it open. Kudos to Nancy for resisting when I pressured her to tell me the ending. Thanks to Becca for suggesting I start reading YA books when working on my own. And who can forget Christine. When I told her “I can’t believe Snape! I don’t buy it!”, Christine looked at me completely poker-faced, like she was practicing occumenlancy (I think that’s how you spell it. Actually, I think it’s wrong) and didn’t give any of the story away, just said it’ll all tie together in the end. And it totally did. I am a very satisfied reader.

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  1. really? i thought the last line was stupid, which is literally “all is well.” maybe she just got tired, but everything else, i ate up. i was like awww that he named the kid after severus and everyone ended up marrying their high school buds. i guess there’s no college in wizard world? is there? did i miss that? there’s so much action throughout the book, and unrelated, i liked how the evil characters were all humanized a tad.

  2. sh********t? seriously???? oh wait a minute. duh. you don’t care. do you? harry potter widower? that’s david’s new nickname for himself

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