Subway Fun

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Like a kabillion others, I took about three hours to get to work from my borough today. AWESOME. There was a herd of cranky, anxious commuters perspiring underground, waiting for the no-show 2/3 subway. I sweated with them for about 45 minutes before I decided to ditch for Starbucks, where I nearly exited the place incident-free with my decaf iced grande latte (I figure it’s a special day, so I can get a special drink), but dropped my SAG card in the trash and knocked over a half-n-half jug on to a woman’s khaki pants. Eeeeeek!!! I think the humidity and crowds caused my brain to swell. I thought for sure, this day was doomed.

I got to work eventually, and afterwards, my gym was closed due to flooding, and so instead of exercising, I went to get margaritas with my step aerobics teacher and classmates (which was really fun, b/c of some reason, step aerobics makes me really SOCIABLE and I introduce myself to everyone and admire their L-step or Around the World.) At 7:30 p.m., the teacher announced that we would’ve been done exercise at that point–which was a little sad, b/c we had finished two rounds instead. And then to even up the ante of the day’s conclusion even more, I had a really good hair day.

How about that. Silver lining, people.

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  1. Tina,

    Sometimes when I’m feeling blue, I just visit this blog and all is right with the world. You rock, girl. And you never fail to make me smile.

  2. Ugh, I have so many low moments Sung-Ji, so I’m glad the scribblings here can offer any relief. i do think I’m still brain-foggy from the humidity, b/c since that a.m., I keep spazzing out like yesterday at the gym, i got up quickly from the ground and banged my head into a locker door and gave myself a bruise the size of a Silly Putty case. That kind of SUCKED. I love your blog

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