I Hate Computers

images2.jpg I’ve just spent the last two hours on this Zen exercise of updating our company web site, where all my efforts were to no avail — you know, where you keep fixing the code and the same problem keeps coming up? Does that ever happen to you? I can’t believe how ready I am to throw this PC out the window, and the pasty-faced assistant keeps coming up to me for other edits, even though I clearly look like a tomato on top of a body about to explode.

I can’t even find a good picture of an exploded tomato.

I’m trying to get my to email me this gigantic horoscope I have at home to amuse myself, but he’s got even worse luck with technology than I do, and after trying three times, I don’t think he will take my calls any more.

I’m just blogging so I don’t assault the pasty assistant.

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