images1.jpg Did you know Morrissey has a gigantic Latino fan base in L.A.? Who knew. Apparently, his lyrics speak to the disenfrancised everywhere and they love his morbidity, which clicks with certain aspects of Mexican culture and moves them the way Manchester England working class teens did. Supposedly, music critics are ticked off b/c they feel like his career should’ve died in the 90s when he ventured into solo stuff, but I love this rebirth and the match of two incongruous mates. I heart the 80s and New Wave! Yeah!

Read this in-depth article from the OC Weekly on details. It’s old news now but new to me.

Oh, and according to Tony, Siouxie Sioux of Siouxie and the Banshees fame is anti-Semitic. I’m totally crushed.

2 Replies to “Morrissey”

  1. I have no comment on the Morrissey/Latino thing, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WOO HOO! July 10 birthdays rule!

  2. Thanks! That’s so sweet of you! But are you flipped out by the Morrissey/Latino connection? It boggles my mind. I’m easily boggled though.

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