Yo, Tony

images21.jpg I was at the gym at lunch time and saw the video for Ch-Ch-Check It or some such title, and I laughed out loud, when suddenly, I experienced an “a-ha” moment (like inspiration, not the band) — I was like, Why Wasn’t Tony Sachs a Member of the Beastie Boys? He’s like their age and grew up in the city. Tony actually sang Ring of Fire rather well at kareoke, but it doesn’t seem like you need any talent to be in Beastie Boys except to be funny and be willing to dress up in Star Trek uniforms and battle each other in empty SoHo streets. Dude, that is like my dream job to dress up and spar in retarded costumes. Don’t be commenting that they’re geniuses or something. I mean, they have catchy tunes and I own the b/w cover cassette with that song Jesse James, but come on, I could practically be in that band.

OKay, enough posting for today before I get busted by my IT department.

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  1. I think it has been brought up before, but Tony looks like MCA from Beastie Boys. They could pass as brothers. And if Tony joined the Beastie Boys, they would be like NKOTB’s Jordan and Jonathan of the the white boy rap world.

  2. Which one is MCA? See, this is an idea with merit if it keeps occuring to people, and NK, is this not sad that I must email you on this site? But at least it’s one way I can connect to the world until IT finds me out. hee hee

  3. Oh that’s the one a friend of a friend married. I don’t want to get more specific or he might be like, dude, stop being so indiscreet.

  4. I won’t press you for the specifics. But if I get you drunk enough, maybe you’ll share…

  5. Isn’t he the one with the (ahem) exotic wife? Yet another thing Tony has in common with Mr. MCA.

  6. I am flattered and humbled by the comparison to the great Adam Yauch. Am I allowed to put it on my resume?

    BTW, you DO realize the Beastie Boys are geniuses, right? If not, I’m going to have to sit you down and make you understand the brilliance of “Paul’s Boutique” and “Check Your Head.”

  7. As for Sachsy, yes, that’s the one. Now, I’ve totally outed my friend and I will be killed. Anyway, what’s an Asian bride to do? Exotic exterior, tri-state area heart. Once you meet your NY/NJ/CT twin, it’s over, dude.

    Yes, Tony, you’re going to have to explain why they are geniuses. I’ve seen them reviewed as “tastemakers” and I have two of their albums, and I admittedly am bland with songwriting and any sort of rhyme, but I’m not totally being sarcastic when I say I don’t get it.

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