Money troubles

images.jpg I told my mom today I wish I were a millionaire so I could quit my job (who doesn’t.)

“You can marry a millionaire,” says mom, “you don’t have to make it yourself.”

“Too late for that.” (I married an actor.) “Maybe one of my kids will make millions, but of course by that time, I’ll probably be dead.”

“That’s not necessarily true,” she says. “Treat them well, and maybe some of it will trickle down to me.”

Then we talked about the colossal, hyped real estate prices in New York.

“Maybe,” she says. “You’ll have to move to a house with a backyard. By the time I retire, you’ll have two kids.”

“Sure, you can live in a tent in the backyard. And when it rains, you can come inside. Like on the porch.”

Ha ha ha ha. Thank god my mom is funny. It was my first big laugh of the day. It helps!!!

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