Drew Barrymore

images1.jpg I read People.com at work when I’m aggravated and Drew Barrymore is the number one most beautiful person alive! In response, she said something like “it makes my peacock feathers stretch out to heavens and burst into little truly beautiful heavenly star.” That is just so out there, I kind of love it. Does she not have a publicist? Thank you for my second laugh of the day.

3 Replies to “Drew Barrymore”

  1. It’s feast or famine on this blog! Thank goodness we’re in the feast phase. Keep it up, Tina. Just know that when you laught I laugh.

  2. I finally saw MUSIC & LYRICS! How am I like her??? I don’t talk out of the side of my mouth! But if you see me as some sort of free spirit with a good wardrobe, I’m psyched

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