outlander! a show about bad decisions

I’m watching this show with Husband in solidarity. Jk, because he likes shows featuring people in historical costume, especially of this time period of corsets and long skirts. (The outfits are beginning to look totally normal to me. Like for a job interview, can I wear something like a girdle with a ruffled skirt? OMG)

The show is about a contemporary woman (from the 1945to 1960s? Is she a vampire? B/c she’s a nurse at the end of World War II and then like a surgeon in the 1960s, but looks the same age?) who travels back to like the 1600s and 1700s — first by accident, and then again, because she wants to return to her historical husband and I guess, something about life before technology has great appeal for her.

That is not worth it to me. Like a scene where they’re doing laundry? Nope. A scene where she’s writing multiple copies of the same letter by hand with a quill? That’s when I would start remembering nostalgically xerox machines.

Anyway, it’s kind of interesting. it’s sort of a soap opera ridiculous mess but I am now committed having watched four stupid seasons to the very end. They are struggling, but they’re trying to come up with story out of nothing all day long.

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