meal plan for working parents

I got it. I ask subscribers to send me $60 a month and in return I send them a box of Ritz crackers to serve their children for dinner. I will also sell Ritz-inspired jewelry.

Cool? Shall we crowd-fund this?

Husband has occasionally wondered “why do you complain about cooking? I have always enjoyed it. It’s a creative outlet and you’re nurturing people.”

And I’m like, yeah, you think that way because it’s not your family job. (His is laundry. I have not really done laundry since 2010.) When you cook for five people and you put in a few hours a day in the kitchen, with a lot of effort getting rejected or if it works, the food (which I call my work) gets eaten so quickly, you don’t love it so much. Five people eat a lot, and it’s not the type of hustle that results in anything lasting….so Ritz cracker earrings? Anyone?

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