my dad, baby stalker [old post i found from 2010]

Ships_Oceana_cruise_ship_1 My dad likes going on cruises now, b/c you get to eat and drink obscene amounts and play golf, etc., and May, apparently, is the cheapest time to go, but he refuses because the Baby will be here by then. He says once the Baby is here, he is going to see the Baby every day.

Me: What? So he’s like never going to take a vacation till the kid goes to college?
Mom: He says he wants to see the Baby every day.
Me: Well, what we don’t want him here every day?
Mom: Don’t worry. He’ll be quiet and stay in the corner. He just wants to look at him. He has all these fantasies about the Baby, like he wants to take him to swimming lessons at the Y.

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