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ct You know what song I heard today randomly? “Loreilei” by the Cocteau Twins, a band I listened to obsessively in high school. It has been decades since I heard them so when the opening notes first came up on an online mix today, I was sent back in time during my high school years when I listened to them obsessively. I was reminded of that time in life when I could hang out for hours with my best friend, listening to records over and over again, poring over the yearbook to think about which boy we would, which girls we thought were pretty. The hardest thing we drank was Lipton tea. We would sneak out of our homes at night after our parents went to sleep to talk, to listen to music some more, and to drink Lipton tea. I’m not kidding. We were a particularly innocent group my college friends used to make fun of.

I think about the people I used to see and no longer see, but the people I still talk to as well. These bands I used to listen to that made me feel so edgy, like I was in on a secret, I now encounter once in a while in my contemporary life. I still remember the shocking first time I heard New Order at the Gap.

Now I’m back from my time travel. I didn’t bring you anything from my trip. Sorry. The early 1990s says hello!

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  1. The only Cocteau Twins song I would recognize is the one on a mixtape my best friend sent me when I was an exchange student in Denmark. I was probably closer to her in that year when we communicated through letters and mixtapes than we’ve ever been. The 1980’s say hello, too!
    I think I get more angry than shocked when I hear some band that was all about rebellion being used in a commercial. Iggy Pop selling Princess Cruises? The world’s going to hell! Although, maybe he gets the last laugh.

  2. did you get annoyed when mercedes bought the janis joplin song that went “oh lord can you buy me a mercedes benz”? it was the direct opposite of that intention of the lyrics, but joplin is not my jam. i had no idea iggy pop had a commercial. it’s good when they make money. i just read about the lead singer of bauhaus peter murphy being arrested for a dui. some cannot recover from their fall from glory.

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