early 80s night

44 So lucky. On the way back driving from our Thanksgiving trip to KY, we got a wee bit tired of Yo Gabba Gabba and I popped in an early 80s hits CD my friend Joslyn gave me year ago, which includes “Eye of the Tiger,” “Addicted to Love,” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart.” To sing the chorus of “Eye of the Tiger,” Husband and I sing pretty loudly to make sure we hit that key high note. After we sang the chorus a while, suddenly, we hear a mighty trio of baby chick voices join us for “eeeeeeeeeeeye.” Husband and I cracked up with what I’d describe as disbelief and complete delight. Once home, we now regularly play the fine video a few times a day and the singing now comes with dance moves, air guitar, etc. Tonight, Twin Boy somersaulted at every chorus. How do you top that.

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