The Wonder Woman Pose by Amy Cuddy

amy-cuddy_qaTCDWOWO EC007 I randomly read this Amy Cuddy feature. In short, this woman started studying body language as a quick route to reducing anxiety and puffing up self-esteem, originally inspired by the fact that ladies in the Harvard Business School tend to wither in a vine, failing specifically in the grade-killer (or maker) class participation. If you do the “Wonder Woman” pose for two minutes, she promises, and backs up her promise with research, you will experience the “fake it til you become it” phenomenon. For some reason, her presentation really struck me, because it coincides with different things on my mind lately. I think women sometimes need a word of encouragement, a helping hand – a small gesture to make a significant difference in their success, and anything to reduce stress and pump my ego is worth trying in my book. I will be the mom in the playground, standing like Linda Carter, thank you very much.

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