Photo_30Twitch+Gatorade+G+Series+Fit+Launch+Party+97xS--9WtZRl To my friends who listen with polite interest while I rapturously relive particularly excellent episodes of “So You Think You Can Dance” (which really means all my friends, because I don’t think I know anyone other than Husband who watches this show. The rest of the viewership must be children) — there is this great hip hop dancer named Twitch, a former contestant and maybe winner who comes back to perform. He performed last night, and the way this guy moves is amazing. I know when people dance and it looks effortless, although they’re spiraling several feet off the ground, etc., that it’s not just talent but hours and hours of work, but man, some people really can dance! This isn’t even my favorite Naps and Tabs hip hop choreo (their full names are Napoleon and Tabitha, but I can refer to them by nicknames without irony. One of my few saving graces: There is an organization called The League of Extraordinary Choreographers…and I can never say that without giggling.)

But go on, click the link, this guy’s dancing is sublime, sublime, sublime.

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