mom olympics

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You try this! Here’s the timing of one morning last week:

60 minutes: oversleep (Slept through alarm. Only woke up because First Son said “Mommy, it’s ’73′” a.k.a. 7:30 a.m.)
8 minutes: Brushed teeth and got dressed
1 minute: Put on F train on You Tube for First Son (He is about to burst into tears and it will only make you one minute later. Plus, he’s the one who woke you up, so you owe him).
15 minutes: Waltz into work, head bowed in shame.

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  1. First son can read the time? Awesome. My same-age-as-first-son son always says it’s 6:30, because that’s when I said he can wake me up. Any time is 6:30, day or night.

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