superman_logo-Wallpaper- (1) A few weekends ago, one of Husband’s friends visited with their teen and tween children. The tween child asked me what super power I wanted. I was paralyzed from making a choice. Every time I thought of a power, I thought about all the drawbacks — the ability to read minds (um, better off not knowing); the ability to walk through walls (I would get recruited by the FBI and be made to be a government weapon against my will); the ability to turn anything into marshmallows (this would probably make me feel sick of marshmallows, and someone like me would definitely turn something important into marshmallow by accident); etc. But finally, I was like, you know what? Sometimes, you just have to live, right? So I said I would be totally impractical and have the ability to fly. (Immediately, that made me think of my fear of heights, the fact that I’d always have to wear pants so people wouldn’t tweet pictures of my underpants, etc.; then I thought, maybe I should limit my ability to fly to like 10 feet. That’s high enough, right?) The tween’s power choice was for all his family, himself, and all his friends to live forever. Very sweet, and I kept all the drawbacks to that choice to myself. Thank you.

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