This will not make anyone else laugh but me.

imagesdownload On Yo Gabba Gabba, they have a section called “Cool Tricks,” where kids or something adults come out to show their cool tricks, eg, gymnastics, dancing, playing musical instruments. They say their name and state their cool trick before doing it. I was at the playground once with Husband. We were watching over our brood like the rag-tag, low-rent Secret Service that we are, pretending to be on the show.

Me: “Hi my name is Tina, and my cool trick is staying awake!”
Husband: “Hi my name is Husband and my cool trick is yelling at my kids!”

I cannot stop laughing at that. I laugh hard, alone on the street, when I remember him saying that. It’s bad enough I have to pretend I’m on the phone with someone, otherwise, I look too deranged.

2 Replies to “This will not make anyone else laugh but me.”

  1. I just laughed at my desk at work. I don’t look deranged, I just look like a bad employee.

  2. hee hee. just hide behind the monitor! or get a manila folder to look deeply engrossed. no one will pay attention unless the folder is shaking

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