expunging “dude”

1338873689-tony-goldwyn-scandal-5 Tony Goldwan plays President Fitz on Scandal, but he’s been around a long time. He’s a descendent of Samuel Goldwyn, movie mogul, acted in films for a kabillion years like Ghost with Demi Moore and directed Diane Lane in “A Walk to the Moon.” He’s no schlub, and you know what? I think he’s very good on Scandal. It is not easy to say lines like “don’t you think I want to be the president you voted for” with genuine anguish. Acting through cheese. It’s an art. Pierce Brosnan is a master (See James Bond. He has one scene where a beauteous vixen has him tied in a torture contraption with a device that screws his neck tighter with each offensive word. He managed to gasp “let’s…have…one…last….screw…” when said vixen asked for last words. Amazing. I clapped.)

I’ve never thought about Tony Goldwyn but I say, go you, with your acting through the suds. And not only that, he does manage to project something imposing and presidential, a man actually doing a job, but he ruins all integrity when his twitter feed has him saying “dude, it was so hot in there!” Oy, “dude” does not belong in the vocabulary of a fifty-something gentleman with integrity. It was quite disconcerting and made me realize I must seem similarly absurd, so I am, hereby, publicly expunging the word “dude” from my vocabulary. Consider it gone!

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