dig deep

M_Id_392082_Serena_Williams2013-03-18T023525Z_1_CBRE92H077900_RTROPTP_3_SPORTS-US-TENNIS-INDIAN-MEN-NADAL-MIAMI_JPG_475x310_q85 (1) This is the only sport I care about — tennis. I watched the final woman’s match with Serena Williams. Even when the match tilted toward her opponent, she didn’t get distracted. That woman’s ability to focus and desire to win is so freaking impressive. When things look bad, you can see how she digs deep inside to overcome odds and make a comeback. That amazes me. I sometimes dig deep, but it is just to stay awake. I didn’t see Nadal’s final match, but he is an animal. What an amazing athlete and what an amazingly different existence.

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