images I’m watching this dark child-murder-mysteries-mini-series on BBC America starring my boyfriend Doctor Who, a.k.a. David Tennant. It’s not a bad show, kind of predictable. What I’m really enjoying is the depictions of food. You know, the way they talk about how good a cup tea is, I’m like, I really want to try your tea! Or there’s a scene with David Tennant and his boss walking with one of those vanilla cones with a stick of Cadbury flake sticks that I remember from living in Ireland for a month when I was 15. I want one!

Can someone invent a television that serves the snacks that the characters are eating? Or maybe I should just do that in a show? Create a script where the characters are periodically snacking and then organize a crew to help hand out the snacks to the audience for simultaneous, instant gratification. People have done this before, of course, full-course meals, but I just want teeny snacks and beverages.

Bucket list!

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