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dj_lance DJ-Lance-Rock-yo-gabba-gabba-467570_800_451 DjLance Unless you have a little one, there’s no reason for you to tune into “Yo Gabba Gabba,” so for god’s sake, don’t, if you don’t need to. BUT if you’re bored, google DJ Lance Rock. He’s an indie musician who made it big hosting this kid’s show and I think he is amazing. He is just consistently amazing. His small, his warmth, his gangly dance moves, his entire look. That is commitment. Look at this video he did for the Coachella Music Festival. I’d like to make a video like that…Nancy?

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  1. Two other reasons to watch Yo Gabba Gabba even though I don’t have kids: Mos Def and Biz Markie!

  2. yeah, there was like a dude in drag who sang kind of off-key…that was mos def. it crushed his cool image for me 🙁

    who’s biz markie? i’m old.

    nnk! yeah! we should do it with you as kim jong il. i see it! but like a lame jump suit

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