family circus



Last night:
Wonder Twin Girl began physical therapy and clung to Husband the entire session, terrified of Physical Therapist, so I don’t know they actually got to evaluate or aid her in making progress. She has a fever of 102.

Wonder Twin Boy was throwing toys into the tub then fell in. When we picked him up, half of body was covered in soap foam.

First Son is practicing wearing big boy underwear, a foray into potty training. He fell on the floor, wiping out in a pool of his own urine.

After that, Husband and I were like WHAT THE HELL IS THERE A FULL MOON IN THIS HOUSE.

Previous night before the last:
When I told First Son to hang on after one of his requests because I was busy, he yelled:

“No, Mom, I’m busy right now!”

Poor kid.

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  1. My second son is first son’s age. Lately he likes to play a game where I’m him and he’s me. And then he yells, “Stop crying! You go in time out!” And then he laughs and laughs.

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