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mexico-city-cathedral I went to Mexico with Becca when we were college sophomores, like aroudn age 19. This was before the Internet, so we booked a htoel and flights to Mexico City through a travel agent, with no idea what we were doing. We ate at the hotel a lot, watched TV. Went to museums, then met a man and woman at a diner having breakfast who offered to show us around the city. Later, the man and the woman became the man and the man. One guy was in a suit, slicked back hair (the same one at breakfast) and the other guy was tall, thin, white t-shirt and jeans, long hair like a teen Lord Byron, and one arm.

We got ina car with them. During the ride, I was like “this is really dumb” so we stopped.

Luckily, we just ahd a nice day. We were not sold to a sex slavery business. I do not look like Maggie Grace and my dad is not Liam Neeson (see plot of “Taken”) so it all worked out. We ended the day in a local flea market, bought some blue corn quesadillas and got awesome memories.

This is SO NOT going to fly for my children. I would never let them take a trip liket his.

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