two days in new york

img-julie-delpy-2-days-in-new-york_152851353097 When I’m low, I think what would make me happier? in the most recent spirit snafu, the sentence in my head was “What if I were Julie Delphy? Would be happy?” She is extremely successful, world-renown, and yet like not too famous as to get overwhelmed, and she writes, directs, etc. — and she’s French. Like that seems like the perfect recipe for happiness, right? i rented this movie on Amazon and it’s not bad, very indie. It’s possible her mother passed away, because the protagonist’s mother’s death is kind of an undercurrent, and I thought, it is so wonderful to be a writer. I am so lucky I write. You can make up whatever you need, you put events you don’t understand in your life, that overwhelm you, and you put it in a story and make it all meaningful. It is such a pain in the arse, but what a gift too.

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