The Possession

So Husband and I got to go to the movies last night, which was very exciting as punchy, sleep-deprived parents, and I looked up the times for Evil Resident XIX (or whatever), b/c the head space I’m in, I can only watch movies where there’s like an apocalypse and all that’s left of humans are a small group of incredibly hot models who can ninja-fight zombies with balletic violence in artfully bloodied uniforms. Seriously, models, fighting, zombies, what’s not to love?

Ugh, but you know what? Don’t use movies, b/c it let us down. We ended up seeing The Possession. Now some people, when they see an image of a little girl with a bunch of supernatural months get psyched – like they rub their hands together in anticipation and say “this is going to be good.” Not me, man. Scary movies are not my bag. Still, I’m a pragmatist – with a sitter on the clock, we went. I think the only parts I could keep my eyes open were the exposition scenes, where you meet the protagonists in their mundane, daily lives of like opening mail, drinking coffee. During the scary scenes, I mostly hid or watched Husband’s face to glean the action – and his eyes would bug out or he would flinch, so I knew I was right to miss what was on screen. But missing the visuals didn’t even matter so much in scary movies b/c the audio clues and the music really rachet up the tension, so I still kind of threw up inside during big moments.

In the retrospect, it was fun, though you will not get me to go again on purpose. The last scary movie I saw in the theater was The Host, which caused me to slap my glasses really hard against my face because I was so startled in one part. Then I laughed hysterically at my own idiocy to the point where I think I distracted the audience.

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