The Mindy Show

Read this profile. This girl is amaze-balls – extremely talented, supremely confident, works her bum off. She is currently a writer, star, and showrunner for her first series. Do you know how nuts of a job showrunning is? a normal day is 18 hours a day. There are like two showrunners who are women in TV – Mindy Kaling and Shona LaRhimes – both ladies I sincerely admire who represent diversity well (though Kaling deliberately does not discuss it being tough to be a woman or a minority. Just by virtue of her success though, I think she’s changing people’s perception of ladies and nonwhite ladies). Whatever. Good article. It really made me feel quite lazy.

Becca and I saw her in the NY Fringe Festival show “Matt and Ben” when she just graduated from college. It was funny but we had no idea she was going to explode.

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