Husband and I are in the thick of period of our lives I like to call F.B.T., a.k.a., Fat/Broke/Tired. If this were a sandwich, it would defintely involve bacon. Now I don’t want to be too in-a-van-down-by-the-river about the whole thing. I think it’s a pretty typical state for folks in that stage of life when their children are young. Sadly, for me, people ask me if I am expecting (to which I say, “No, I’m truly not expecting a thing.”) or insist on giving up their subway seats. I have a pretty good attitude about the latter category, but since it happens twice a day sometimes, I have become much more discouraged. No matter. Independently, fed up with our F.B.T. status, Husband and I both joined gyms! True, gym membership does not really solve Broke, but it really helps with Fat and Tired. So far, I have lost one pound in one week. The march continues.

If you are curious about the accompanying image, I googled “bacon earrings” and that’s what I found.

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