As a mother to 8,000 children, I feel qualified to blab about certain topics. (being a major mother has nothing to do it with it — I am very opinionated). Let me just say in most cases, there is more than one parent involved. In my case, there are several people raising my children — me, Husband, friends (two in particular), You Tube (Elmo, in particular), a cadre of babysitters, day care, my dad, and my mom. Today, allow me to bow down to my mom. She has taken a few weeks off to help out with the Wonder Twins, she is here every single day, helping with baby duty, cleaning and taking care of me. Along with taking care of the kids, she is making sure I eat, nap, and get outside. She is my personal trainer, providing me with DVDs and post-partum exercise sheets she found online and will assist when Im too weak to lift my leg, etc. With the exception of Husband, she is saving my arse in a way no one else can. Anything I’ve complained about her in the past is out the window. It’s not that she’s not guilty of the things I’ve poked fun at, but it really doesn’t matter now. It so doesn’t matter. She’s an 80-pound ball of senior citizen fury. You would not believe how hard that woman can work and what she gets done. I’ve told this all to her, so it’s not secret. At some point, First Son interrupted and I had to say, “Son, please, I’m in the middle of kissing Grandma’s butt. Give me a minute.”

I’ve told her in the past if she plays her cards right, there will be a tent with her name on it in my backyard. This year, she has been upgraded to the back porch. Thank you.

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