girl clothing

When it comes to dressing babies, I’m pragmatic. I see onesies as vehicles to receive spit-up, barf, and poop, I don’t really notice or care about design. The designs for boys are pretty basic anyway, while girl clothing is over-the-top drag-queeny. I’ve seen faux-fur shrugs, leopard print jeggings, bedazzled cardigans, all of which struck me as impossibly frivolous and I was never interested. But then this week, I put the girl twin in an AC/DC pink mini-dress and I got excited… The baby girl was disinterested. She looked at me with the same look of mild disdain or tolerance, but she did look decidedly more feminine, more ready for a movie premiere, etc.

Now I’m thinking, why not embrace the frivolity? Bring on the platforms and wigs, people. Wait, she’s not a drag queen. Revise: bring on the ruffled, multi-tiered skirts, faux fur shrugs and garter belts-for-baby-heads.

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