random jobs

Husband did not believe that closet organizer was an actual job. He laughed when I said, yeah, it’s a job with a title like “Organization Management Consultant.” On one hand, I’m with him — we’re sometimes a superfluous species, you feel me? On the other, in a way, it’s very smart to create a need that did not previously exist. Is it not shrewd to target folks with lots of disposable income? Even middle-class folk might participate as clients. Also, it’s fair if you happen to be very good at organizing to charge for your skill. why not?

On the other…yeah, some countries don’t have clean drinking water. I wonder if jobs like these are unique to New York. The other random job I read about was “Artisanal Pencil Sharpener.” I’m not sure if that was the guy’s actual title, but he sharpens pencil by hand for clients, depending on their hand size, their occupation, and the purpose of the pencil. Some clients just requested pencils for display, others requested a mass of No. 2 for their children’s SAT exams.

Some people, like Husband, get a bit rage-y when they hear about these pursuits, but I find it very amusing and like hearing about it.

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