korean tooth fairy

When it was clear I was having twins, my kind friends and family pooled together some moula to set me up with some help with a Korean maternity/baby professional for a few weeks. Without her, I feel like I would’ve died. Complete chaos ensued as soon as the twins came home….actually, it was chaos even before they arrived, since we had just moved three days prior to their homecoming. Even with the Korean Tooth Fairy’s help, we were not treading water so I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like without her. She is strict and extremely opinionated, but that has not been a bad thing. I think she has forced me to rest and avoid socializing till I heal, which is not natural for me. She also looks fairly constipated whenever we answer her questions like “why did you paint your nails blue” or “why is your husband a vegetarian?” I get the impression she is a traditional, Christian, Korean lady, so a lot of our life choices are weirding her out. She has already said I am too positive. No matter. We need all the help we can get.

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  1. Too positive? I’ve never heard of that! I don’t think I’ve ever heard an Amercian say that. Not to somebody’s face, anyway. Because Americans believe a positive attitude can cure whatever ails you. It’s all in your mind!

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