3 Replies to “good dad moves”

  1. But Lori is the WORST mother!! UGH. She’s never ever watching Carl (during the zombie apocalpyse), who then gets into all these situations or shows up at the wrong time. She made a big stink to Andrea about pitching in on the “laundry” and “dinner.” Why doesn’t Lori effin also watch her damn kid? I love all the fans who are clamoring for Lori’s baby to die in her womb, reanimate as a baby zombie, and go eat Lori from the inside out. I agree!

  2. you are right nk, but i don’t understand how you can hurt me like this with these kinds of comments.

    ha ha!!!

  3. you’re not still watching the show are you? jesse’s sister pointed out a blog that subtitled “hey i’m carl! no one’s watching me!”

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