ramen house

When I was growing up, as I mentioned, i was obsessed with the high-end mini dollhouses, as I mentioned. We were not loaded when I was a kid (not that we are now…) so my mom made a doll house out of a ramen box. It was a six-room deal, with windows cut out, couches made out of cardboard, etc. I think she even made curtains. It was, in retrospect, pretty amazing and is a great memory. Of course, at the time, there was no way I would love it because it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Reminds me of Eddie Murphy’s old routine on how when he wanted McDonald’s burgers, his mom told him she would make him burgers that was better than McDonald’s.

Anyway, she is at times, a challenging mom to have. Other times, pretty flossy.

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  1. Nice. Reminds me of my doll apartment installed in the top drawer of my dresser. I would never give up dresser real estate for toys now!

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