What’s up with this… I read in Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules that he has been celibate for the past 25 years. At the end of the documentary “Bill Cunningham New York,” Bill Cunningham talks about how he’s never been in a romantic relationship and he’s about 80. In Tim’s case, he says he doesn’t miss it, that it’s a choice, and that he gives so much to his work, he has nothing left to give to personal relationships. In Bill C’s case, it seemed like an unexamined part of his life that he feels uncomfortable discussing. He too is a character completely consumed by his work.

Is it an older generation/gay male thing, where maybe the celibacy stems from growing up with at lack of cultural acceptance? Just curious.

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  1. He may just have intimacy issues or just be a freak. Maybe he has OCD and doesn’t like how messy sex can get . . .

  2. hmmm, you don’t think it’s a generational thing, being part of older crew when being gay wasn’t so acceptable too? but i buy your explanation as part of the deal. just find it believable.

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