korean names

We’re still working on the names for the Twins. I also would really like to try this time to see if we can get a korean name as part of the mix, since they are half-giant-headed-me. It’s not that easy, but the Korean naming process feels almost impossible. Mom has been tasked with coming up with some suggestion, but some of her contenders are not really possible to capture phonetically in English. I looked up some names online – Eu-nah or Oona seemed like a possibility: it sounds pretty in English and there was Oona O’Neil, Eugene O’Neill who became a child bride of Charlie Chaplins…not that I want the daughter to split early for a pedophile groom but I have a weakness for names associated with artists. I asked my mom what she thought and she said, “Huh, Eu-nah means eel.” Great.

Would it be totally racist and lazy to just name them Jin and Sun after the Koreans on Lost? Kind of, even though two friends I asked said no. And sorry if I’ve mentioned this already, but Husband asked if we can just name them emo (which means “aunt” or “mother’s sister.”)

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