Steve Perry

Sure, he is easy to parody – the clothes, the mullet, the unabashed enthusiasm. But the thing is, he has an amazing voice, and as cheesy as the guy is, I love how much he means it when he sings. I played this video for Baby and Husband, which led Baby to do some unusual choreography — mostly very pointed squatting to the beat, but still, I recognize inspiration when I see it.

If you watch the video, see how he mimes the keyboard? Someone should write a poem to Steve Perry. I would, but I am truly lazy. O-my-Steve-Perry-do-I-see-myself-in-you? (not a poem, but bear with me — Steve Perry leads to Refridgerator Perry, which reminds me the opening line in Dreamer Examines His Pillow, where the lost lead character keeps talking to the fridge).

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