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Once the OB confirmed that I was indeed having twins, he said no more gym. Is that not insane? With the first kid, I worked out every day till I was in labor and had to watch with what I eat. With twins, I’m told I need to take it easy and look to gain 50-80 pounds. Fifty to eighty pounds! That’s like lugging around a preadolescent boy on my back, eee gads! What’s sad is although I went to the gym for years every day, I do not miss going one bit.

The prenatal yoga DVDs I have are fine. My only issue is that the script is sometimes too cheerful for my taste, like one of my DVD instructors explains how one exercise will help you carry your growing body, which you will carry “happily of course.” Really? Happily? I mean, I’m going to be psyched to meet these kids, but do I need to be pumped to feel the pain in my hips? Duuuuuuude.

Whatever. Once I have time and freedom to work out again, I look forward to figuring out what will be fun. I probably didn’t mind quitting the gym because I was getting tired of the drudgery of my normal exercise routine. Time for change!

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  1. i can’t believe it! you looked normal! but you must have began really thin. what helps in my case is i started out chubby. i was at a point where my weight was the same for a month and the doctor wasn’t concerned b/c i was within normal for preg weight. the twins ate my fat. but i’m not worried, b/c i think it’ll come back, the fat i mean.

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