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Gwen Stefani. Mariah Carey. What do I have in common with these ladies, aside from the obvious? Like Gwen, I had two major loves of my life and married the second. Like Mariah, I am going to be the mother of…twins. I stopped blogging for a while, since my thoughts have been preoccupied in some kind of State of Emergency mode, but I realize I should start writing about them and thinking about names so I can actually become attached to the Kajillion Children about to enter our lives.

I have been referring to them as Kajillion Children, instead of Twins, because it somehow makes me feel less anxious. I also need to start think about their names. I’ve called them Tabitha and Napoleon, which I thought was from the ether. Turns out those are the names of the hip hop choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance. To read more about Mariah’s twins, go here. My mom actually cited Mariah as a role model – as in “Daughter, these twins are going to kick your arse.” I had to tell her that Mariah is someone who gets carried on stage, even when not pregnant.

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  1. Heheh, NappyTabs! I like the name Tabitha, and if you were taking a poll, I would say go with Tabitha. And then for the boy, something impossibly old-fashioned and old-man sounding? Like Carl. Or something amazing like Lazer. Yeah, I like Lazer. Tabitha and Lazer. That’s my vote!

  2. I don’t know what you should name the babies but I will be referring to you and husband as Mariah and Nick from now on.

  3. I’ve heard Bella and edward, and my friend alex suggested alex and Tina, ha. Felice, I know!!! Hopefully we’ll survive after looking like cr*p for a few years

  4. oh gab, it’s absurd, right? i have to sleep train them b/c auggie does whatever he wants. i can’t handle three kids like that

  5. During the week or so that me and the missus thought we might be having twins, we called them Skippy and Stacy. I assume that helps you not at all, but just thought I’d mention it.

  6. There’s the ever pedestrian: Jack and Jill.
    There’s the names that indicate a hectic life: Fric and Frac.
    There’s the name for people who life food: Peas and Carrots.
    There’s the name for art lovers: Chiaro and Scurro (ok — so I broke up one word!)

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