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  1. Haha I do that, too! Does David just hang out in his daytime clothes until it’s time for bed? That makes no sense, and I would make fun of him for that. Why be so uncomfortable in your own home?

    My friend (Asian) changes right into “lounge clothes” and then later in the evening, changes into her “sleep clothes.” This is a practice she learned from her father. That’s especially strange. But I can understand the rationale: change out of your dirty city clothes into the loungewear. But leave your sleep clothes specifically for bed.

  2. Oh man, only $19.95? I would live in this. I watched the you tube video for full effect.

    YouTube.com/watch?v=5s2p7ainx9g I didn’t cap certain letters so dunno if the link will work but there is a quick bathroom escape zipper, which I found very thoughtful

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