Andy and Andy

Because of where my office is located, I get to see Anderson Cooper and Andy Rooney with regularity (Rooney, probably less so since he’s retiring). Let me just tell you both men in person are mighty cute…albeit for altogether different reasons.

Anderson Cooper struts with a brash confidence, always dressed to the nines, lean and striking. Andy Rooney, always dressed in a wrinkled trench coat and faded corduroy pants that need to be folded at the ankles so he doesn’t shuffle on the fabric. He always has a sad, Hobbit-like face, which makes me want to give him lunch money.

When I see two Andys in one day, it’s a double dose of FOX-AY!

4 Replies to “Andy and Andy”

  1. I hope that when I’m old and dress in fade, wrinkled clothes people will think it’s cute. I wish people thought it was cute now. Do you think Cooper practices his “blue steel” look?

  2. yeah, i don’t feel like cooper can ever not blue steel. like i imagine he does it in his sleep. he’s all over that neighborhood, takes the subway regularly. i’ve seen him an amazing blade runner clothes, suits, and like sweats and he still looks hot.

    as for andy rooney, it’s kind of sad. he shuffles like he’s a lost alzheimer’s patient or something. getting old is going to suck. what am i talking about? i’m definitely aging now.

  3. The Cooper has the most glorious man-giggle. I’m jealous of Kelly Ripa who can make Cooper man-giggle when he co-hosts with her.

    Speaking of sad andy rooney, he’s in the hospital right now! Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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