ladies and gentlemen, we have a jumper!

We have to sleep train….again. It’s my fault. I fall out of routine so easily and began napping at 7:30 at night with Baby, then after 30 minutes, scoop him and put him in the crib, and then I just stopped putting him in the crib. Dunno what my problem is. So last night, we started again. After a few starts, he did manage to fall asleep, then somewhere around midnight, I felt a poke and woke up with Baby sticking his head in my armpit.

Husband: So what happened last night? Did you pick up the baby?
Me: No, I thought you did.

Don-don-DON! We concluded that Baby must have jumped the crib and escaped. All I heard last night was the patter of feet running across the apartment floor toward our bed, no other sound of crash and roll, etc.

I don’t know how to feel about it. Of course, it’s TERRIBLE and not safe to have Baby leaping out of the crib in the dark with no one to watch him, but also? Part of me really admires him and thinks he’s a bad-ass. I am retarded.

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