i really need you, mary poppins

Mary Poppins, I could use your help. Maybe not the singing, but I dig your continually pleasant demeanor and ease with childrearing and all matters related to the domestic arena. I am really trying to give it a valiant try, but weekends feel like they’re about getting Baby to nap and making food he rejects. When I clean, he follows me and undoes my work. Sometimes, Baby leaves the house with yogurt in his hair. I’m not sure what’s under my feet when I walk past his high chair. The house continually looks like someone just broke and was looking for buried treasure. And Baby ate a PowerBar… again. I was too weak to stop him. I promise I’m not always this sloppy, but lately, this feels like the norm. So if you have some merit-based financial aid for your services, I am so there, M.

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