Michelle Obama

I am not thrilled with the current president at the moment, I have to be honest. I keep thinking about what Hillary would do. She’s a brainiac, but she’s also had time to absorb information on the complicated nuances of several subjects, because of all the hours she’s logged. Obama just started, and now he’s gotta devote hours to re-election and fundraising already.

Did he deliver on the promise of his campaign? That would be a very difficult thing to do. I’m not saying I’m a rightie, b/c if anything, he’s a bit conservative for my taste. It’s just the whole selective financial institution bailout that bothers me, since it didn’t necessarily lead to more jobs. (Smarter people out there, feel free to enlighten me, because this is about as far as I feel like going on this topic).

But he has other merits — for example, he is inspirational, and that is a wonderful quality in a leader. He is refreshingly articulate and sophisticated, after eight years of pretzel-choking and “misunderestimate.” And it’s not like he’s disappointing me per se, because I always thought of him as an unknown quantity…but no matter, because with his presidency came Michelle Obama, and her wardrobe alone makes me psyched they’re in the White House.

Wow, that woman can dress! I like her casual, funky style more than the ball gowns, but the cardigans! The two-tone suits! The pop-of-color shoes! The patterns! It’s a feast for my eyes and spirit.

She makes me very proud that she’s First Lady, and I apologize if I seem superficial since I am mostly commenting on her image, but image counts. It’s not that it matters more than substance, but it is a constant stream of messaging to us, the hungry public.

My only point is…I freaking love her clothes.

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