school lunches

Part of my nightly routine now is to pack breakfast and lunch for Baby. It’s mostly like the same four meals. These are the things he eats:
* quesadilla with broccoli
* sunflower butter sandwiches with broccoli
* soy nuggets with broccoli
* eggs with broccoli
* ravioli
* whatever I’m eating
Simple. Mostly, it takes boiling or microwaving, which I can handle. Anyway, it reminds me of the lunches my mom used to pack for me — peanut butter, banana, jelly sandwiches, a bottle of pear nectar, and a piece of fruit.

Most days, I threw everything out except the sandwich. The pear nectar, which seemed too weird in the age of Caprice Sun silver pouches, had to go, and nearly every piece of fruit embarrassed me — bananas looked too phallic, peaches looked like bums. Oh, it was endless, that list of things that could make me turn beet red. The only fruit I could actually eat in public were apples. My mom, of course, did not know any of this, because I never told her.

I don’t really have a point. It’s just that there’s no way of knowing, in a way, what exactly your kid is thinking. Baby is still too young to hide too much from me but I wonder how much I will actually divine as he gets older. Maybe he’ll be the only with a liquid drink and all the other kids have capsules, etc., etc., etc.

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  1. BTW, it’s my dream to make cute lunchables like that picture. Sadly, I’m not capable of that kind of cuteness.

  2. i think we could find a how-to video on you tube on those cute lunches, but it would take a lot of time.

    somehow, our domestic lunch duties has me making a’s food and d making mine. once auggie can feed himself and have sauces, he can eat d’s food — unless is exclusive preference is soy nuggets and mac & cheese. then it fall to me.

  3. It’s so interesting how many stories exist of kids throwing away mom packed lunches (especially the kids of color who might have received smelly, shameful non-white foods). Now all I wish for is someone to pack me my lunches.

    I think there’s a specific Japanese term for uber-cute bento lunches. It’s like a kinda craze. Those crazy Japanese.

  4. That’s so funny! I totally have this image in my head of a lunch assembly line, with you, D, A, and some amorphous newborn. Each one of you is making lunch for the other in this “happy robot” kind of way to the tune of “Whistle while you work.”

  5. ha ha, i love that image of our home. we’re more like stumble-in-the-dark-on-four-hours-sleep kind of mode

    re: the tossed lunches. i feel like when you’re in those teen years, fitting was priority, and i only mention my weird hangups b/c i think it’s funny what a kid might get preoccupied with, that no one else would think of. now i eat peaches and bananas in public all the time ha ha

  6. i never really thought of myself as eating bum when enjoying a nice peach, but now i will.. love the wisdom! ps. can’t wait til thanksgiving ♥

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