michael sheen

I kind of love this actor. I first noticed him in Frost/Nixon, which I thought he was excellent in. Actually, the first time I noticed this actor is when I read Kate Beckinsale left him for the director of the Underworld series. She was more famous than him at the time, so I imagine, that made the breakup doubly sucky, as they had a child together, though maybe not. Perhaps there are certain levels of breakup-suckiness that truly cannot go lower. Anyway, this guy is a solid actor, because he keeps showing up in pictures, doing a good job, and gets offered more and more interesting projects where the lead part actually requires acting.

He is also the head villain vampire in the Twilight films, and his reaction to the lead character Bella, who is supposed to be special beyond belief, but just seems like a normal teen who happens to wipe out a lot and has a controlling b-friend (and this is the summary from someone who consumed those books like they were crack cocaine), is a special level of amazing. I still remember there’s some moment where he like reads Bella’s mind and comes away with an expression that is stricken and over-the-top, where the other actress didn’t give him much to respond to, that made me realize, wow, you really are a terrific actor.

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  1. I love that the only reason he did the films is because his daughter is a fan. Now that is devotion to a child!

  2. I LOVE him as Tina Fey’s former love interest on 30 Rock – Wesley Snipes (heh). He was this bitter, crabby (but funny) British dude, and Liz went from thinking he was her soulmate to the guy that fate was saying she should settle for. LOVE HIM! Hope he comes back as Wesley Snipes.

    I think Michael Gambon, the actor who took over for Dumbledore, also was convinced to take the role because his granddaughter insisted he do so.

  3. oh my GOD!!! thank you for remindin gme. I love when he was on 30 rock! I made d rewind so i could see it three times — “when you hear the name wesley snipes, liz, do you think of an african american or a pasty scotsman. you think of the scotsman, liz, every time, EVERY TIME” — dude, that second “Every time” where he looks so angsty, i die a little inside. he is so amazingly upset, i just love him

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