Baby Walk

My friend J. (I am copying C.’s subtle ways on her blog) loaned us the walker to help Baby learn to walk. I’m considering putting like a bowling ball on it to discourage him from getting to that skill so fast.

One random thought: if they made that walker a mini-vacuum, that would be really cool.

As it is, maybe I’ll get one of these to wear him out:

That really is a treadmill for babies.

Dude, it is Toddler Olympics at our house. Husband and I are DEAD.

4 Replies to “Baby Walk”

  1. I told Mr Mr about the reason you have kids: so they can clean your house. He was like “right on!” But apparently, he never did that when he was a kid. His mom never go the memo.

  2. i would be okay if the baby grew up to learn how to connect TVs to the DVD player, so he could go do that at my mom’s house. she keeps asking me to do it and it is so beyond my world knowledge that i was like just wait till the baby goes to grade school. i’m sure he’ll know how to do it by then.

  3. Do you let him play with your phones? V is already an iPhone addict. She sends me txts and emails and takes her own photo. haha

  4. that’s so cute! not really. though i’ve given up on our home computer. he likes to take my black berry out of its pink case and of course the buttons are like the perfect size for his fingers. if i let him touch my devices, i like the keyboard usually. he doesn’t pay attention for that long but i don’t show him brick breaker on it or anything

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