our own linda blair

Warning: This a very barf-y entry,

My day started with Baby throwing up in my hair at 5 a.m. I just stood there frozen, with Husband also frozen. It seemed like a great deal of barf. We both wondered how single parents do it. With Baby doing okay, we all went our separate ways, however, by the end of the day at day care, he had thrown up two more times, so I quickly rushed us to the pediatrician’s office to make sure all was well. At the doctor’s, I gave him Pedialyte and wiped his nose. Ten minutes later, he’s projectile vomiting on the waiting room floor, in the hall outside the bathroom, on his jacket, on my scarf, on my work skirt. In the exam room, I gave him the Pedialyte bottle to play with (didn’t come with toys or diapers — so unprepared for life), which was a mistake because he knocked it down, the top cracked and half of it guzzled out before I finally stopped staring and picked it up.

I was like, “Baby, we are never going to be allowed back into this office.”

Poor kid has an ear infection, a possible stomach virus, among other fun things to contend with, like being hungry. Finally in bed with some soy formula to keep his system going.

I’m so having a beer tonight….and a bath.

P.S. I could not bear to post an actual picture of Linda Blair in that movie because the pictures were too scary.

P.P.S. There were two mothers who came to my rescue in the waiting room — one woman helped me wipe up puke number 4, and another gave me a size 6 diaper in case Baby made a mess. Yee haw!

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