Husband and I have both independently arrived at the same state: we are both sick of our music.

Being sick of your music is bad. It’s like being sick of your wardrobe, which takes years to build. I mean, I have music on my playlist from high school, you know? But after years of listening, all of a sudden, I really can’t stand The Smiths, Robert Smith, Depeche Mode, and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. There are a few new records on my Ipod, but as Becca and I said yesterday, with improved technology, you get sick of your music faster. When you listened to cassette tapes, if you were obsessed with a song, you’d have to wait till the Walkman whirled the tape in rewind, hopefully not eating the ribbon. If there are albums you recommend, will you tell me the titles? Thank you.

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