disastrous housekeeping

Husband and I had a talk about my housekeeping.

Husband: So you know when you put the dishes on the drying rack, they need air to dry, right?
Me: Oh yeah.
Husband: So when you put the dishes right on top of each other, they can’t dry.
Me: Did I do that? I don’t remember.
Husband: Right, and then, the same principle applies to the bathroom towels. When you put one wet towel on top of the other, neither gets to dry.

What’s weird is I totally never knew how I handled the above-mentioned items until he told me. It’s kind of like my cooking–if I paid attention, I could be pretty decent, but there’s so much to think about. What’s retarded is when faced with the results of my handiwork, I tried to pass it off as someone’s fault, but the only other adult is Husband. A doomed-to-fail strategy.

2 Replies to “disastrous housekeeping”

  1. I tried having that conversation. It didn’t stick. Now I just go around behind Will and rearrange the dishes.
    My mother in law has tried the “I think someone broke into my car and left the lights on” approach. You could try that.

  2. oh that’s hilarious, what a great idea. i will pretend someone broke in the house and piled the towels on top of each other, but with that excuse, i wouldn’t have to actually hang them. i could just throw them on the floor like i really, really want to do. i wouldn’t mind if david snuck around and fixed what i was doing, but he might be doing that already and i’m just not paying attention. he usually has to tell me things a few times, and sometimes, they stick. i think i do the same thing for him on other matters but i can’t recall any at the moment.

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