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My mom and I were talking about what movies she could go see that weren’t violent, too sexual, or stupid. This narrows down the list to about nothing. Like she really dug An Education with Carey Mulligan, but that’s not average movie fare and my mother is not exactly the demographic studios target. Anyway, this is what she had to say on certain celebrities and movies, and I thought I’d include it here, because this is why my mom is awesome.

Angelina Jolie—I hate her. I don’t like her lip. Artificial.
Johnny Depp—I hate him. Pretentious. I don’t see the real him. He never act like a real person, or serious. Cartoon character.
Gwyneth Paltrow—Ugh. I don’t like the way of her look and her acting, the way she look, everything I hate her. She acts like she’s the most glamorous blond white actress, but actually she’s not. Connections, everybody has connections.
Matt Damon—I don’t like it. Good in Mr. Ripley but not handsome at all but acts like he’s handsome.
Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller—Okay for comedy
True Grit—Too violent
Country Strong—No
The King’s Speech—Bleech
Black Swan—Ugh

We boiled it down to How Do You Know and Little Fockers. Little Fockers won. I’ll let you know if she actually sees it. She is my idol because she doesn’t give a damn what’s popular or who’s famous. She is just an equal opportunity slammer.

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  1. Holy moly, I agree with almost 100% of her celebrity assessments! How does she even know all these actors?? My parents would be, like, uhhh, Johnny Depp who?

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